Recent 20 Reports

# Device OS Version Report Time
1 Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus android v8.1.0
2 TCL 6165H android v12
3 INFINIX Infinix X6817 android v12
4 Xiaomi M2004J19C android v12
5 Xiaomi M2004J19C android v12
6 vivo vivo 1904 android v9
7 OPPO CPH1803 android v8.1.0
8 Xiaomi M2101K7BNY android v13
9 samsung SM-G965U1 android v10
10 samsung SM-A135M android v12
11 vivo vivo 1820 android v8.1.0
12 OPPO CPH2371 android v13
13 INFINIX MOBILITY LIMITED Infinix X682B android v10
14 OPPO CPH1909 android v8.1.0
15 samsung SM-A125F android v12
16 OPPO CPH2375 android v13
17 OPPO CPH1909 android v8.1.0
18 vivo V2204 android v12
19 samsung SM-A022F android v11
20 motorola Lenovo K13 Note android v11

* The reports are created by the "Camera2 API Probe" app.