Recent 20 Reports

# Device OS Version Report Time
1 motorola motorola edge 40 android v13
2 samsung SM-A336E android v14
3 OPPO CPH2059 android v11
4 Xiaomi M2101K7BNY android v13
5 Xiaomi 22071219CG android v14
6 vivo V2146 android v13
7 ITEL itel S681LN android v13
8 vivo V2247 android v13
9 Xiaomi 22071219CG android v14
10 OPPO CPH2477 android v12
11 vivo V2205 android v13
12 realme RMX3241 android v13
13 Xiaomi M2003J15SC android v12
14 realme RMX2180 android v11
15 vivo V2322 android v13
16 realme RMX2151 android v12
17 Xiaomi 23053RN02L android v14
18 OPPO CPH2015 android v9
19 OPPO CPH2591 android v13
20 samsung SM-A236E android v14

* The reports are created by the "Camera2 API Probe" app.